Elsa – Lhasa Apso

Name: Elsa

Breed: Lhasa Apso

More information about this dog

Elsa is a little dog with a big personality & LOTS of fur! She’s a Lhasa Apso female aged 3 years. She loves to go out exploring new locations & particularly enjoys visiting the beach. Elsa is generally quite relaxed at home, but she enjoys playing & chasing things around.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Elsa is very intelligent & certainly knows her own mind. True to the characteristics of her breed, she can be quite stubborn. That being said, she is also quite engaging & for the right reward (treats), she can usually be persuaded to do most things within her physical capabilities!

This pretty pooch is always learning new skills & is very comfortable posing behind the camera as she is the main focus of her blog about dog-friendly places, people & things she loves. She takes direction well & makes the perfect pet model. This little dog is happy to wear clothing/accessories and is able to work with props.

Elsa’s best feature has to be her fur! Her coat is kept long but manageable & she can pull off a variety of different looks from being quite scruffy & dishevelled to perfectly sleek & coiffed. Elsa is used to wearing her ‘hair’ in a top-knot, but it can also be styled in a variety of different ways including braids, bunches, or loose or even with rollers in her hair!

Elsa is very sociable; she loves other dogs, people & children & is happy to be handled by other people, picked up etc. She gets a bit over-excited when it comes to cats though!


Paw/ place her paw on an item
Spin around on her back legs
Hit a bell with her paw
Show trot (walking beside me)
…to name but a few.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Elsa is the new ambassador of Bern Pet Foods, the exclusive importers and distributors of ORIJEN and ACANA pet foods.

This stunning lady is a suitable talent for small roles with other dogs or people of all ages.

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