Elmo – Staffordshire cross Chihuahua

Name: Elmo

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Chihuahua

More information about this dog

Elmo is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Chihuahua. He is 12 inches to the shoulder & weighs around 6.5kg. He is very comfortable around the camera having been exposed to posing from a very early age. He is happy to wear outfits, & will do tricks while wearing them as well. He is very friendly & confident with people & children & isn’t fazed by cats; he is interested in them, but is happy around them & other small animals and has even worked with a racoon.


Pet Modelling/Acting Ability

Elmo knows many tricks & commands & is highly intelligent. He became the 2nd Staffy Trick Dog Champion in the world & 1st in the UK, at just 10 months old. He gained this title by gaining Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Expert first. He gained his Novice at 19 weeks old! He knows all basic obedience as well as more advanced tricks. He is constantly learning new tricks & so far knows around 100 behaviours in total. He can work off lead around distractions & will work for other people if they have food on them (can be hidden as long as he knows they have it). He does require some space around some other dogs (hyper/rude dogs), but in general, is a well-socialised dog. He is very social with small dogs & likes large dogs as long as they respect his size & don’t bully him.



Lie down, Stand,
Go to mark,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Act shy,
Pretending to wee,
Scratch side,
Fetch item,

Hold item,
Hold a paintbrush & paint to name but a few…


Animal Acting Experience

Elmo is an experience animal actor having starred in an advert for Footlocker, as well as taking part in a documentary for intelligent animals, most recently being the face of superhero pet clothing for Disney & Rubies UK & recently filmed an advert for PlayStation God of War (Dog of War promo).

He regularly models for a pet food & pet accessory companies to promote their products via social media.

Elmo is a brand rep for ChihuahuaTown. The largest chihuahua event in the UK. He attends to do trick demos and to meet and greet.

He also attends PugTown and DachshundTown (ran by ChihuahuaTown) to do trick demos as well. So he is used to working in busy environments around big crowds and meeting lots of new people/dogs.


Elmo gets a lot of attention where ever he goes due to his cross & his looks. He is a very loving & friendly dog & very easy to work with, picking new commands/tricks up very easily which makes him ideal for any brief.


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