Ellie – Welsh Springer Spaniel

Name: Ellie

Breed: Welsh Springer Spaniel

More information about this dog

Urban Paws UK introduces the Welsh Springer Spaniel Ellie. Her beautiful coat is red, white and silky smooth. The gleam is perfect for film and photography and she really stands out from the crowd. She is a typical fun and active Spaniel who loves an outdoors lifestyle! She enjoys charging through undergrowth and splashing in the sea; a true action dog.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Ellie is always learning new things and is very quick to learn and will do most things for a treat.

She will respond to commands from strangers if they have ‘made friends’ first and they use cues or hand signals that she has been taught previously. Ellie lives, trains and works regularly with other dogs.

This lovely girl is lively, fun-loving and soft. With lots of hobbies including running wild on the beach and (of course) eating lots of treats when training, this pooch is full of energy.

Ellie is good with other dogs and especially gentle with puppies and smaller dogs. Equally, she is good with people and will be very gentle with small children if they are sitting or lying down while they stroke her. With elderly people, Ellie is soft and quiet allowing them to fuss her which makes her great for cafe and home visits.

She especially enjoys running at full speed at agility, her favourite things are the tunnel and jumps. She equally loves heelwork to music and picks up new tricks very quickly.

Ellie has travelled on many modes of transport including cars, vans, buses, trains and boats taking all in her stride. Ellie likes to sing! Quite often throughout the day, you can hear her singing along to the radio.

Ellie can occasionally take a few minutes to settle into new surroundings and when meeting new people. Most of the time she is very outgoing in new situations but it can be a breed characteristic to want to sniff out where they are first.


Lie down,
Walk to heel,
Give paw,
Touch item,
Walk back,
Walk around objects,
Nose touch,
Play with a ball with her paws,
Jump up/on/over an object

Pet Acting / Modelling Experience

Most recently Ellie starred in the TV advert for Vets 4 Pets complete care, TV advert which meant she had to work alongside actors/strangers withing a veterinary environment with no issues.

Ellie used to show at championship shows and qualified for Crufts in her first year. She has also participated in heelwork to music and agility demonstrations. She is therefore used to being handled and meeting a great variety of people in many different places. She is very gentle and understanding of the elderly and children.

In all this Welshie would be suitable for both photoshoots as a canine model and pet acting roles.

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