Drogon – Samoyed

Name: Drogon

Breed: Samoyed

More information about this dog

Introducing Drogon the stunning male Samoyed. For his young age, this handsome pup has a great temperament, being well socialised and friendly with all that he meets.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Drogon has passed his kennel club good citizenship puppy award and is confident with all basic commands. He lives with other dogs and therefore used to being around many different breeds. He is very obedient and patient making him very easy to handle on set. Drogon is very good both on and off lead and can respond to commands via hand and voice command and also from a distance.



Lie down
Happy to wear pet clothing/accessories


Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

With his handsome good looks, it’s clear to see how Drogon has started his modelling career from a young age. He has worked with children’s company Little People London on a fashion editorial shoot. This shoot was shot recently and will feature in British Vogue winter edition.


He is an excellent example of the Samoyed breed being extra friendly with a super soft double pure white coat and a beautiful smile that stands out. He has a pleasing personality and will not break eye contact when asked. He loves being around other dogs (all breeds) and humans (children and adults) and is a suitable pet talent for small roles according to his skill set.

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