Dooby – Maltese terrier

Name: Dobby

Breed: Maltese terrier

More information about this dog

Dooby is 3-year-old male Maltese terrier. He is a rescue dog but now a thriving well trained, obedient and intelligent dog.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Dooby aims to please and can work from a distance taking verbal and hand signals. 
He might be aware of strangers but usually warms up if he is allowed to sniff around in peace and not approached quickly.

Dooby is kept pretty well groomed in a puppy cut as he is aware of being handled. He is mainly kept in short groom but in winter a little longer.

This lovely Maltese Terrier is good with other dogs he knows, but if there are new dogs and particularly if they are boisterous, he is not at all impressed. He can work with calm dogs only. He avoids strangers if he can and is not fond of being petted suddenly, but he is very affectionate with people he knows.

He is a dog that needs stimulation and challenging tasks making him ideal for animal acting as he enjoying working and aims to please. His temperament is eager, ready to work, happy and at times vocal. He loves to learn new things and he does so very easily.


Dooby has all basic obedience & especially loves to retrieve (for treats). His skills include; sit, stay down, wait, heel,  paws, find items, collect items, clean-up rubbish, rubbish, carry phones & other items, find hidden treats & ringing mobiles, collect puzzle pieces, put pencils in a cup to name but a few. He also takes part in agility training so can take direction well.

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

He has experience of being on set and is not fazed by the lighting or studio environment. He can work for hours in front of a camera and stay focused.

Dooby is a talented pooch ideal for briefs where working alone with actions according to his level of training.

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