Dief & Woody – Tamaskan

Name: Dief & Woody

Breed: Tamaskan dogs

More information about this dog

Dief & Woody are both male Tamaskan dogs. The breed is a cross of several standardised breeds of the sled dog type like the Siberian Husky & the Alaskan Malamute & German Shepherd. They are stunning large breed highly versatile dogs suitable for a variety of roles.

Dief is 5 years, Woody is aged 4. They are cousins, both bred by Blustag, the founder of the breed. They are both very well socialised & love people, especially lots of people.

Dief is a wolf-grey coloured Tamaskan. He is good at obedience & earned his Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen award before he was a year old. He is eager to please & will happily work just for praise & sees it as a bonus if he gets a treat as well.

He can perform basic obedience & will sit, stay, lie-down / stand, paw, other paw, high-five, howl on command and go to mark etc. His favourite tricks to show off are rolling over to have his tummy rubbed & ‘speak’ on command.

He loves most other dogs, but does get very over-excited by them & can get very vocal. But in general he loves pretty much everyone & is well behaved especially around children as he will sits when approach – as most children want to ‘stroke the wolf’.

Woody is a red-grey coloured Tamaskan. He is slightly more stubborn than his cousin. He will only ‘perform’ if he thinks the reward is worth it but fortunately treats such as biscuits & sausages meet his criteria.

He can also perform basic obedience such as sit, stay, lie-down, paw, other paw, high-five & ‘up’, howl on command, but the trick that gets him the most rewards is ‘sit pretty’ – sit up & beg.

He does agility, which he thoroughly enjoys & has recently mastered the ‘weave’ – he’s rather long to weave between poles that are 60cm apart!

He works well with other dogs & loves to play with them. Woody loves everyone & it wouldn’t enter his mind that someone (dog or human) wouldn’t like him. He is very gentle with people of all ages including children & sits for children that wish to stroke him – he just loves the attention & fuss.

Both dogs were in the film ‘The Huntsman Winters War’ & can be seen in the background of several scenes. They enjoyed being on the film set & worked well with the horses & other animals on set. Both boys love travelling & have no issues in the car. They are also good with cats as they live with 19 Maine coons & housecats. Both of them are introduced to new kittens at about 4 weeks old. They groom the kittens & older cats and get groomed back in return. They usually curl up to nap on the sofa with several cats.


This handsome & rather unique due can be booked together or as a solo and are ideal for specific roles.




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