Cooper – Bichon Frise

Name: Cooper

Breed: Bichon Frise

More information about this dog

Meet Cooper, the adorable dog model Bichon Frise. He is one loving and gentle boy who loves nothing more than human attention and cuddles. Cooper has a pristine white fluffy coat, typical of the breed.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This intelligent and stunning Bichon Frise pet talent is highly obedient; he has a lot of commands under his belt. Cooper is trick trained to a high level. To date this talented pup has achieved his ‘Master Trick Star Award’ from the UK’s National Canine Trick Star Award. Cooper has also reached his advanced level in the American & Canadian kennel club trick awards. Meaning he is quick to learn and can learn a new command for a specific role when needed on request.

Cooper tends to keep to himself but can work with other dogs if needed for a short space of time. However, he can work alongside his Bichon Frise cross Maltese brother, Todd, for a range of advertising and marketing campaigns.

As Cooper has such a gentle nature, he can also work with model and actor strangers of all ages, including children, once formally introduced. He can work from a distance, is happy to wear pet clothing and accessories and can work to both voice and some hand signals.


Lie down,
Go around object,
Paws up,
Give paw,
Nost to target,
Peek a boo,
Sent to mark,
Ring Bell,
Open/Close door,
Play dead,
Say prayers,
Agility trained,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Walk backwards,
Unloads washing machine,
Expert trick dog,
And much more…

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Overall, this trick trained bundle of fluff is suited for a variety of photography briefs as well as animal acting roles, with his charming facial expressions and willingness to perform, Cooper is the perfect candidate for fashion editorials to pet food & lifestyle brands alike.

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