Colin & Rhapsody – Poodles

Name: Colin & Rhapsody

Breed: Miniature Poodles

More information about this dog

Introducing Colin and Rhapsody the Poodles. They are social media influencers and have their own blog. This duo is popular on Instagram with a following that is growing every day making them ideal for any marketing campaign.

Their feed is filled with lots of pictures of the two outside along with lifestyle themed images also.


Colin is a Poodle cross Border Collie mix aged 2 years. He has a wavy brown coat and gorgeous white markings on his chest, paws and tail tip. Standing at about 18 inches to the shoulder he weighs 10 kg. Being a poodle border collie cross, he is very high energy and he picks up new skills very quickly.

He is well socialised and trained in basic commands which include sit, stay, lie down, high 5 (both paws), shake (both paws), roll over, paws up, sit pretty, spin (both ways), jump through arms, walk backwards, catch ball/treat, jump up on objects, jump over objects, go through tunnels as well as sitting pretty, jumping through your arms, giving kisses and walking backwards. He is clicker trained with lots of positive reinforcement and will work for his favourite food – dried liver.

He has also just started agility and loves every second, especially the jumping. An extremely sociable boy with both other animals and people, he loves babies and children the most and is not fazed by anything they might do – pulling his tail seems to be a common occurrence but he takes it all in his stride. Loud noises, crowds of people, flashing lights, any vehicles or any other strange things he may come across don’t faze him.

He loves to have his photo taken and has a fun, playful personality and this really shows through in his photos. He is a very confident little boy and can work alone or work with other animals, he is exceptionally cute with his sister Rhapsody.


Rhapsody is a 8 year old Miniature poodle. She is brown and tan with rare phantom markings that are not often seen in the UK. Being a poodle she can rock a number of different hairstyles depending on the brief she is fulfilling. She stands at 14 inches to the shoulder and weighs just over 5 kg, she is a really little pocket rocket. She has two sides to her personality, one side is very calm and loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled, the other size likes to hop around on her hind legs and chase her brother Colin.

Rhapsody has basic commands and will sit, down, stay, dance (walk and hop on her hind legs), walking to heel and jump up into arms. As a poodle she is very clever and picks things up very quickly. She is the perfect model as you can pretty much put her anywhere and on anything and she will stay in that position until you have got the shot you need. She just loves having her photo taken and always looks like she’s smiling.

She is very friendly and loves everyone; in particular she is drawn to elderly people, people with disabilities and small children. She can be shy around new dogs at first, she just stays close to you, but once she has warmed up to them she is very playful. She is not fazed by anything, she has a very relaxed temperament unless you invite her to play or get a squeaky ball out! She would be happy working alone or with her little brother Colin, they do look rather cute together.

They are available together or can be booked solo and are available to be groomed according to preference.


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