Name: Buzz

Breed: Pomeranian

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Say hello to Buzz, the Pomeranian dog model and pet influencer with a striking signature pose! You’d be hard pressed to find such a unique and multi-talented dog as Buzz.

Lovely little Buzz lives his life with style and fun; something that is apparent in his role as a micro social media influencer; @buzz_the_pompom.

This delightful ball of fluff is known for his beautiful ‘jump shot’, which you can see plastered over his adorable Instagram page. He’s the perfect dog influencer – model for product placement, brand awareness, and much more!

About Animal

As a dog model, Buzz is known for his vast experience and his wonderful on-set behaviour. He is highly trick trained and loves to perform. He even knows unique tricks such as his aforementioned ‘jump shot’, that help him stand out from the pack. He’s also taken part in Crufts 2019 and London Dog Week, proving his good behaviour to the crowds, ten fold! Little Buzz is the perfect bit of animal talent to spruce up any film, television, or advertising campaign. With this adorable man’s little face, it’s not hard to see why he’s such a popular pick for brands around the world.

When online, Buzz becomes @buzz_the_pompom, and uses the same hashtag (#buzzthepompom) in all of his posts. As a micro pet influencer, Buzz boasts a respectable online following, while still being close enough to his followers to score impressive engagement figures. We think that Buzz would be the perfect dog influencer for a large company looking to target a specific audience, i.e; Pomeranian lovers!

Cute and cuddly Buzz has attracted thousands of loyal followers with his impressive influencer marketing and stunning pet photography. He is more than happy to dress up in pet clothing and accessories, greatly expanding the number of briefs that this happy chappy is available for. Though he specialises in hilarious posts and gorgeous lifestyle content, this little Pom can lend his paw to nearly any industry, including fashion, food, entertainment, and of course; pet products!

There are a million ways to utilise the skills of this stunning bit of animal talent, but if you ask us; Buzz is itching to become a brand ambassador for either a pet product brand, or the star of an entertainment brand.


Unsurprisingly, @buzz_the_pompom has worked with a wide range of impressive brands including Soopa, Sleepeezee, The Artful Dog Studio, Dogrobes, Tassel, Perkbox, Furbo and Butternut Box. This little lad has worked as both a dog model and a pet influencer, and is always looking forward to new briefs. Though his résumé is largely focused on dog products, he has also lent his paw to lifestyle campaigns.

This pet influencer has a loyal following from all over the world, with the majority of his audience coming from UK based women. He’s therefore the perfect canine companion for a brand looking to target women, particularly those in the 25 – 34 year-old age bracket.

By now it should be abundantly clear how valuable this little fella is for businesses looking to try out influencer marketing. He’s a brilliant choice for social media driven media campaigns that aim to target a particular demographic, or newer brands that are looking to expand their consumer base. Whatever you need, @buzz_the_pompom is sure to get a ‘buzz’ going around your brand.


Lie down,
Look at point,
Hold item,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Works with props,
Tilt head,
Product placement,
Happy to be handled,
Happy to be groomed,
Touch item,
Touch with nose,
Rest head,
Put head down,
Jump up/on/over an object,

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