Bodhi – Bearded Collie

Name: Bodhi

Breed: Bearded Collie

More information about this dog

Bodhi is a stunning male Bearded Collie dog model and stunt dog with too many tricks to list! He is a vivacious, fun-loving, smiley dog and a true doggy professional. He is ideal for complex pet acting roles that require expert pet talent for hire.


Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

He is clicker trained and responds to both voice commands and hand signals and is also happy to work for strangers/actors with no issues. He has all basic commands & also trick trained meaning he can work from a distance and will work well with other dogs and handlers. This friendly giant has his KC club silver & gold awards, is also a Qualified Assistance dog with Canine Generated Independence and also one of our many stunt dogs.

As well as being a fully qualified assistance dog he has an impressive array of tricks and adapts swiftly to learn any new tasks required.



Around (an object or person)
Atchoo (bring tissue)
Away (send away)
Back up,
Play dead,
Close it,
Clothing removal,
Cop Cop (front paws on handlers front feet)
Cover (stand directly in front of handler/ over handler if handler is down)
Cuddles (see hugs)
Empty washing machine
Fetch object by name
Get in/ On (a target/ crate)
Hide your face (inside plant pot/ target)
Kisses (lick handler’s cheek)
Lead (pick up your lead)
Line up (between handlers legs)
Look (at target)
Mwah (turn head away from kiss)
Sound Alert
Stick ’em up (paws in air)
Stop (emergency stop)
Strip bedding,
Shake on command,
And many many more…


Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

This handsome Collie has previously worked on stage and also has filming experience. He has appeared in WhatCar Magazine including their online video of the best dog-friendly cars. Most recently he has taken on the role of Edison in a stage production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth.

The director of the theatre production stated he was delighted with Bodhi especially his training and handlers assistance. Bodhi was a joy to work with and worked confidently in a very busy show environment and was a firm favourite with child and adult performers alike. He learns quickly to follow new commands delivered by the cast.


As a breed, Beardies are very biddable but can be stubborn. They are also highly intelligent so any new behaviours can be taught on request with notice

Bodhi was recognised at Crufts 2018 for being an exemplary example of the breed, winning a special award for his assistance dog work. He has a great temperament being playful and willing. He loves other dogs, humans and children. He’s a little head shy with new people so moves his head out of the way if someone approaches, but never shown aggression and is happy once he’s met the person. In all, Bodhi worked comfortably with four child actors and was attentive, well-disciplined and easy for them to perform with.  He seemed very relaxed and enjoyed the rehearsal process in what could be a very noisy and distracting environment.

Bodhi has most recently worked for the fashion brand, Joules, where he had to work with child and adult models.  He performed impeccably on set and received rave reviews from the producer.

In all, this stunning pet is an ideal talent for a wide variety of roles.


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