Betty – Maltese terrier cross Yorkshire terrier

Name: Betty

Breed: Maltese cross Yorkshire Terrier

More information about this dog

Betty is a female Maltese terrier cross Yorkshire terrier dog model. She is very small weighing just 3 kg & standing 11 ” tall. If she was compared to someone famous it would be Marilyn Monroe as she is beautiful with dark black eyelashes, a bit of a flirt & wiggles her bum a lot!


Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Betty is well socialised & loves human companionship that she often lays down at strangers feet for a belly rub. For her age, she excels at tricks, the word gets said & she is ready to perform; she has a problem-solving brain. Betty is clicker trained & is highly treat motivated and she aims to please with her favourite tricks involve props such as rolling up in a blanket or using her toy washing machine. She also helps daily around the house with things like fetching the washing & tidying her toys. This talented pooch has won best trick dog at The Family Pet Show & took part in two demos at the National Pet Show on how to teach your dog tricks. She is particularly good with props & will happily work from a distance or with strangers on set with no issues.

Betty has passed kennel club puppy, bronze & silver &  gold awards. She has also passed an obedience progress award & she attends a heelwork to music (HTM) class which means she can learn complex sequences. As well as this Betty is also a registered pets as therapy dog (PAT). She already knows a vast amount of commands & learning new ones weekly. There is very little this tiny pooch cannot perform and she can be taught new skills on request.



Lie down,
Go to mark,
Beg & wave,
Jump up/on/over an object,
Use a toy ironing board,
Fetch & hold objects,
Play dead,
Can work with props,
Wears pet clothing & accessories,
Treadmill trained,
Knock over objects to name but a few…


Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

Betty has worked on the Stella McCartney fashion editorial shoot – a Stella Lunar New Year campaign. Most recently, Buddies Pet Insurance educational video filmed over 2 days working with an actress. Feedback: “the crew were overwhelmed with how exceptionally obedient Betty was and were blown away by her skills and tricks” and how well she worked on set. Most recently Betty has worked with Lauren Childs – The dog with nice ears for a book launch in Battersea park as a trick display with 3 other dogs and also hired for a private A-list celebrity party in Chelsea, booked to perform tricks for the children.


She gets lots of attention from people as she is very small & pretty but she’s no Paris Hilton handbag dog so to speak as she is extremely clever! She has brains as well as beauty! She loves people, especially children. She meets all different sized dogs at training & can happily work with both.


Betty is a suitable pet talent for most roles requiring pet talent.


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