Beatrice – Bull Terrier

Name: Beatrice

Breed: Bull terrier

More information about this dog

Beatrice is a beautiful English Bull Terrier. She is white in colour, with minimal ticking and the iconic ‘bullseye’ patch. Bea is healthy and athletic and of good stature, whilst maintaining the feminine quality that is highly desirable for a female of this breed. This dog is full of character and has a hilarious habit of yawning very loudly and excessively in the pet shop, always drawing a great deal of laughter and cuddles, which she thrives on.

She would be considered an old-fashioned type Bull terrier, being of a slighter build with a less pronounced Roman nose. She moves fluidly, with ease betraying considerable strength for her size, giving her the ability to achieve incredible pace when the mood takes her.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Beatrice is a very expressive dog, both facially and vocally. She is very calm and settled when required, however, she really enjoys jumping and going on long runs.

Bea lives on a farm and is well used to all sorts of animals and people. This level of socialisation is great for a canine actor and pet model as it means she is more able to relax in unusual environments around other animals and people.

When training she is used to loud noises and distractions, again this is useful for canine talent on set.
She loves playing with toys, which can be great for advertising products and she also likes to play tug of war with her owners or their other dog.

This impressive dog will also gladly wear silly outfits when asked. Her training is being constantly worked on and now has grown to include performing in different environments and with different people.

Beau responds to voice and hand signals, she is eager and attentive and learns quickly.


Lie down
Go to bed
Fetch her lead
Balance treat on head
Leave and wait for treats on the floor or on paws

Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

To keep her in tip-top condition she regularly goes to the groomer and she has even be used by them as a promotional aid to encourage people to use their service, where she met lots of strangers and new dogs.

She has taken part in puppy parties, local dog shows, ‘bully’ walks. She is suitable for pet acting roles according to her skill set.


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