Bao – Shar Pei

Name: Bao

Breed: Shar Pei

More information about this dog

Please welcome Bao, the Shar Pei dog model and animal actor. This lovely boy has that gorgeous wrinkled face typical of the breed. With his stunning white and tan look, Bao is a real eye catcher who’s perfect for pet photography based campaigns.

This playful boy is super friendly and super lovable. He enjoys making new friends, and his training as a service dog means that he’s patient; a great attribute for an animal actor. His owner describes him as quite the entertainer and it’s not hard to see why.

Having walked the catwalk of a student fashion show in London, Bao is no stranger to the stage and he loves to be centre of attention. He’d make a wonderful dog model for a range of campaigns including online marketing and social media focused initiatives.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Shar Peis are not known for their affection, but Bao’s rare sweet nature makes him an obvious choice as a dog model for a range of campaigns. His owner describes him as a happy soul and a pet model that brings warmth to any set. His natural patience and confidence mean that Bao is never nervous about meeting new people and he’ll jump into action with ease. He’s great with both children and other dogs, making him a versatile animal actor that can work with virtually any cast. Bao is also highly treat motivated, making him easy to handle.

In his work as a service dog for an autistic child Bao learned to improve his natural patience even further, making him a wonderful dog model. He is trick trained with a basic set of skills and he can respond from a distance. Bao would be ideal for film and television roles suited to his skillset, but he may be best placed in pet photography campaigns. This handsome Shar Pei is available for pet food affiliation and his gorgeous wrinkles are ideal to promote pet related products! This is one pooch that belongs on pet product packaging, we’re sure you’ll agree.

This sensitive lad is so caring that after getting to know someone, even for a few minutes, he might cry when they leave the room. Doesn’t he just melt your heart?

Bao is a stunning choice for a number of different briefs, including product placement and brand awareness campaigns. Shar Peis are not common in the United Kingdom, so why not spice up your campaign with a unique dog model like Bao?


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Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

This beautiful dog model loves the limelight, and quite rightly too! He has starred in a London student fashion shoot where he walked the catwalk with style and grace, proving his ability as a stunning pet model from the word ‘go’.

Bao’s experience as a service dog is incredibly relevant to his overall performance as an animal actor. He worked in a professional capacity, developing his obedience, allowing him to take commands efficiently.

If you’re looking for a Shar Pei that is well behaved, look no further than Bao. This stunning ball of wrinkles is perfect for media campaigns and film and television productions alike. He loves to be around other people and dogs and was clearly born to be a star. You won’t be disappointed by this impressive bit of animal talent.


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