Bailey – Labrador Senior

Name: Bailey

Breed: Labrador Senior

More information about this dog

Meet Bailey the Labrador dog model. With his distinguished grey on his muzzle, he is perfect for veterinary advertising campaigns, pet food modelling or products for senior dogs.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

This lovely boy is 34.4kg. He is trained to a high standard, particularly in tricks (just check out his impressive list below) and has completed the Kennel Club Puppy, Bronze, Silver & Gold Award. It is no wonder this dog is multi-talented as he has attended a trick training and cognitive skills workshop.

Bailey can work from a distance to voice and hand signals and still regularly attends training class where he is used as a demonstration dog to show the young pups how to behave.

He is very chilled and can be timid at first but easily won over with a bit of food or his ball.

Bailey can be a little timid with a new person at first but just needs a little time to sniff and get a treat off them and then in true Labrador style is won over!

He likes other dogs and is particularly patient with puppies but is best not working with Staffordshire Bull Terriers or Boxers. He works better for adults than children but will still accept being around children and true to a typical Labradors nature is very gentle and patient.


Tidy up
Walk through legs
Peek a boo (run between legs and sit)
Finish (run round person and sit at their side)
Ring bell
Achoo! (Can take a tissue out of a box and give, on sneeze command)
Take off socks
Stay (10 feet & hand signal)
Down (10 feet & hand signal)
Sit (10 feet & hand signal)
Stand (10 feet & hand signal)
Leave (10 feet)
Roll over (10 feet)
Paw/other paw (10 feet & hand signal)
2 paws (stand on back legs) (10 feet & hand signal)
Wave (10 feet & hand signal)
Send to bed (10 feet & hand signal)
Emergency stop (10 feet & hand signal)
Play dead ‘Bang’ (tail still wags) (10 feet & hand signal)
‘Night night’ Lay down and wrap himself in a blanket
Spin (right and left) (10 feet & hand signal)
Head down (10 feet & hand signal)
Jump (up in the air or on to objects)

In all, this stunning labrador dog model is ideal for advertising a variety of products. With a great array of tricks, he is well suited to complex roles.


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