Ajax – Doberman

Name: Ajax

Breed: Doberman

More information about this dog

Ajax is a big handsome Doberman & is rather large. Ajax is totally socialised with people & other dogs & is very friendly with everyone he meets.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Food is a great motivator for him & he will literally do anything for it, making him very easy to train. He also takes part in protection training which is ideal for certain TV roles which include barking on command and acting aggressively in a controlled manner.

Ajax is strong & confident & is not fazed by loud noises such as for example fireworks. He really enjoys learning & training & is extremely intelligent chap. He’ll put up with most things if there’s sausage or cheese in the equation!

Bite work to tug Ajax is great with other people, children included & absolutely loves other dogs.  He doesn’t have a prey-drive with cats & other small furies, though he does want them to play with him!


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Dog Acting / Modelling Experience

Ajax has pet modelling experience having worked on a fashion editorial for Hampstead & GQ Magazine Asia. He is a stunning animal & an ideal dog for most roles or briefs according to his skill set.

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