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We have some more exciting news here at Urban Paws UK our very talented Mikey the American bulldog has been chosen as part of the cast in new family comedy ‘A street cat named Bob’

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The film is based on the international bestselling book and is due to hit the cinemas on 4th November 2016. We will be getting our tickets as soon as we can to watch Mikey in action on the big screen.

The story of ‘a street cat named Bob’ is that of how James Bowen who is a busker and recovering drug act transforms his life after meeting a stray ginger cat.  The film has had some great write ups and we are so thrilled for Mikey to be a part of this.

Mikey is a gorgeous big pure white boy, when we say big we mean big as in 54kg. He is five years old and we think he could be one of the smilest dogs that you will ever come across. His face is so expressive and he really is a joy to be around. This big chap is adorable and loves to be around people and spread the love. Mikey thrives on attention from humans he is just an all-round machine.

Playing Calvin in a street cat named bob, during filming Mikey was in his element. He followed instructions from all of the directors with complete ease. During his filming he was mingling with the stars of the show like a true professional, he ran free and the camera caught some great shots of him.

Not only a star in a street cat named bob, Mikey has also shown great ability in following commands. He can speak on demand, sit, lie down, give his paw. If you are looking for a big lovable lad to fill any roles that you need casting for then click here to find out more about Mikey.

If you are the owner of a talented animal and would like to see your four legged best friend on the big screen just like Mikey in a street cat named bob, then we would be delighted to speak to you. Either fill in this form online or give us a call on 0784517847 and speak to our friendly team.

Don’t forget a street cat named Bob hits the screens on 4th November so get your tickets without delay for a fun filled evening with plenty of laughs. You can find out more about the film if you click below.

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