Cat laying on the shoulder of female
Do Cats Actually Like People?
October 7, 2019
Daniel Keeling

Are cats just using us?

Counter to popular belief, cats do actually like people.

It’s a debate as old as time – canines versus felines. A common aspect of the debate hinges on the fact that dogs are believed to be man’s best friend. Meanwhile, cats merely tolerate humans as a means to get food.

Many cat owners know differently. Thanks to some much needed recent research into the lives and relationships of our cats we’re finally beginning to understand just what cats are thinking. While countless journal articles, academic papers and psychological studies are conducted on dogs and their bond with humans, relatively few are conducted on cats. This is likely due to the assumption that cats aren’t the social animals that dogs are.

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Recent research

Brand new research shows that cats are as strongly bonded to humans as dogs and infants!

The study examined cats and kittens in a strange, new location who were accompanied by their human. After a couple of minutes, the human left the room, which could potentially be a stressful event for the cats. After another two minutes the human returned, and the behaviour of the cats was examined.

Around two-thirds of the cats and kittens were all over the human after they returned. This suggests that they have bonded and are comforted by their humans’ presence.

This behaviour is also found in dogs and in infants at the same rate. This suggests that they all have similar levels of emotional bonding with their owners/carers/adults.

Of course, almost any cat owner could give you anecdotal evidence of this too. For example, when I get home my cat often trots into the house or into the room and meows at me for attention.

If you want to see some purrfect examples of cats who do actually like humans, check out our trained cat models – all of whom are more than happy around people!