Creating a Cat-Friendly Safe Space
September 5, 2019
Daniel Keeling

Cat’s Need Stimuli

Just like humans, cats need cat-friendly stimuli.

While we can watch some TV, play a game of Candy Crush or read a book, a cat may need a little bit more help. This is especially the case for cats who live alone or who cant go outside. It can also apply for some cats who do go outside though, but who need a little bit more help to play.

In a 2018 Pet Census conducted by Pet Plan it was found that 41% of owners think of their pet as their closest friend. These bonds can be enhanced by playing games with our cats. Some special owners are going above and beyond to make sure that their feline companions have all of the stimuli that they could ever need.

Cat-Safe Spaces

By creating cat safe spaces inside or outside of the house you can make sure that they have a great play area.

Stimulating spaces can provide a sensory experience for a cat as well as a safe space for them to exercise of hideaway– animal behaviourist Insta MacKellar.

One such owner is Carol Walker – the owner of Joshy, Angel and Cracker, all three of which are trained models with Urban Paws UK.

Carol turned her patio into a catio by creating a cat-friendly enclosure for her precious pussycats. The enclosure is a veritable playground for her felines, including cat climbers, swinging platforms, scratch posts, water fountains and a chalet. It also includes a seating area and the pièce de résistance – an incredible four-storey climbing tower!

Read more in the Pet Plan article here


Introducing a New Cat

Cats can be strange animals who require a bit of time and effort to acclimate to a new home, especially to a home that already has an animal.

Other Ways to Stimulate your Feline

Another great way of keeping your cat stimulated is through training them to do tricks.

This can be done through positive reinforcement with small cat treats, toys, or even catnip.

If you discover that your cat is particularly well behaved and a natural when following commands then you might consider enrolling them as at models for acting and photography work.

We know just the pet modelling company… 😄