Zandor – Maine Coon
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Meet Zandor, a stunning ginger and white Maine Coon show cat. Like all Maine Coons, Zandor is large in stature and he has stunning markings.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

He has a wonderful personality to boot and he is enjoying his youthful years. His amber eyes match his fantastically with his ginger fur markings.

Zandor is an experienced show cat that is used to being in the ring and examined by judges; this makes him fabulous at working with people and very adaptable to new surroundings. He shares his home with Karolin, another Maine Coon, also signed with Urban Paws UK.  Both cats are fine with travelling and have pet passports, so can work abroad.



Cat Modelling Acting/Experience 

His experience in shows means he is used to professional environments and living in the fast lane.  Maine Coons are known for their long and furry tails and their general impressive appearance so they make great pet models and show cats.

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