Yanko – Scottish Fold
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Meet Yanko, the Scottish Fold cat model. He is a very sociable cat who just loves meeting new people, he also enjoys lots of cuddles and going on adventures such as; camping and going to the beach. Therefore, this beautiful cat is perfect for any animal actor or modelling roles. He has a very calm nature and willing to sit still. He is also very curious cat, he loves being in new and exciting situations.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability:

Yanko is willing to travel as he has a pet passport, which makes him an excellent candidate for a wide variety of location shooting, whether that be for social media campaigns, marketing or advertising. He is also great around children and adult strangers, this will make him great with actors he hasn’t met. He enjoys the attention given to him, he just loves being around people. This Scottish Fold cat is also able to work with a variety of people.


Sit from 7 feet,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Lead trained,
Can work with props,
Works with flirt pole,

Dog modelling/acting experience:

Yanko has had previous experience, modelling for a local charity calendar, he has also modelled for a few small businesses in Thailand. This makes Yanko a great cat talent, as he has been in a studio environment he has also had experience in front of cameras, he is willingly sit wherever you place him because of his laid-back personality.




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