Xafi & Auri – Russian Blue
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Pet influencers, Xafi and Auri, are stunning Russian Blue cats that epitomise everything about the phrase, ‘cool for cats.’  This duo are real showstoppers with their silky blue fur, sparkling green eyes and fabulous personalities.

These social media influencers have a real charm which makes a marketer’s dream.  They will suit stylish brands that fit Xafi and Auri’s theme of lifestyle, glamour and the good life.

Social Media Influencers

With a huge following on Instagram, it’s easy to see why Xafi and Auri are such a hit with many brands.  Aside from the stunning photography showcased on their profile, they are very active and have very strong engagement levels with their followers.

Their profile highlights the cats’ characters; their fun-filled life and all their stunning beauty.  They’re very much loved by their humans and this is plain to see.  There is a real feeling of warmth and love throughout their posts.

Xafi and Auri also have their own website with a blog that is regularly updated with advice on the joys of living with cats.  The blog highlights safety for cats which is a strong focus for their humans.  Both the blog and Instagram profile help advocate the well being for cats in general.  Their humans believe that cats should be cats and live in a ‘as-natural-as-possible‘ environment.  They strongly oppose cats wearing clothes or being fed fad diets.  Because of this, Xafi and Auri are also suitable for brands that have a focus on natural living and well-being.

In 2018, another cat, Errol a Somali cat, joined the family.  He is also a pet influencer with Urban Paws UK and is featured in some of the pictures below.

Xafi, Auri and Errol



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