Tweed – Bengal
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Meet Tweed, a stunning Bengal.  Like many Bengal cats, Tweed has a very playful and mischievous nature, making the most of his younger years.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

He has gorgeous, expressive eyes and well-defined golden brown markings that make him a fine example of his breed.

Tweed is used to being surrounded by other felines and can work with other cats. He shares his home with Jasmine, CasperClee, Shady, and Siena who are also signed with Urban Paws UK.  Tweed would be great working on his own or with other cats including his own Bengal gang.

Tweed also loves humans and as an experienced show cat, he is used to being handled by strangers.  He’s happy in new environments and has set and studio experience.


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Social Media Pet Influencer

Along with the rest of the clan, Tweed features heavily on the Cositoes social media pages.  Doing very well particularly on Facebook and Instagram, the Cositoes household is very popular for the fabulous, professional photography and cute cats in every post.  Both the Instagram and Facebook pages are famed for the seasonally themed photos.  Tweed is available for sponsored posts and his social media pages are suitable for a wide variety of brands.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

You can watch him on a Worcester Boch advert here which features some of our cat models. Bengals make for great cat actors, especially for adverts, as they are very easily trained and love to learn.

Tweed is an experienced show cat and so is used to the limelight and being handled.  He is happy being on set and in noisy, busy environments.  He’s always finding himself perfectly relaxed in what can be stressful environments. Tweed really is the perfect cat actor.


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