Tusi – Exotic Short Hair Persian
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Meet Tusi, the adorable and charming Exotic short hair Persian. He is a very calm and laidback cat and hardly anything phases him.

This Persian is very loving and loves giving and receiving affection.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

As well as being relaxed and easy-going most of the time, Tusi also is very playful and has many sudden bursts of energy. This gives him excellent character and charm.

Tusi is comfortable wearing any kind of pet clothing and accessories and will happily pose and sit in them. As well as this, he is also incredibly photogenic and has a wonderful and expressive face.

He hasn’t been properly introduced to dogs however, Tusi seems to be very calm and aloof around them. He is more than happy to be around children of all ages as he is very well socialised.

Tusi is also fine meeting new people, therefore, would be able to work with a variety of actors or models on set. He also will respond well to anyone if they use the correct calling method.


Give paw,
Look at me,
Wears pet clothing and accessories.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Tusi is the perfect choice for any type of brief in the media industry as he responds well to commands, therefore, would perform excellently whilst on set.

This exotic Persian would be suitable to be featured for lifestyle brands, high-fashion brands and pet clothing and accessories brands. Due to his distinct features and stunning markings, Tusi will be an eye-catching cat to use in the next big advertisement or marketing campaign.

Tusi as a kitten:

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