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Black cat model, TJ, is a highly skilled cat actor.  With a jet black colour, this domestic short hair is a beautiful cat model that suits bold and striking photography.  Even though budding photographers apparently find it hard to photograph black animals, there are very many examples of advertising and marketing campaigns where a black cat has been used.

TJ is so good looking, so talented and very intelligent that he is a dream to work with.  He is the perfect cat for your next branding project.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Although TJ can start off quite timidly, he soon settles into his environment when he is allowed preparation time.  Because he is so smart, he picks up training easily.  His clicker training keeps him focused and he loves to please his handler. This highly skilled cat is suitable for stills photography as well as filmed projects. Having worked on set before, TJ is used to working in a variety of environments.

TJ lives with two other cats (CJ and PJ, also signed to Urban Paws UK), though he is the quietest of the three.  His handler feels he is not suitable for working with cats from other households.  However, he is able to work with canine companions; he shares his home with seven dogs.


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Can work with dogs

Cat acting / Modelling experience

TJ is such a well-trained cat that he has already garnered a lot of experience in the cat modelling world.  His work to date has seen him pose for stills photography.  Because of his level of training, we feel he is also suitable for more demanding cat acting roles.  A typically striking black cat, his amber eyes and fur sheen really make him stand out.

His look is relatable to most UK cat households and therefore he is suitable for branding and advertising campaigns with home, family and lifestyle themes.  Black cats are also often used for seasonal work; for example in Hallowe’en projects, to represent luck, and much more.


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