Tinkerbell – Sphynx
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Meet Tinkerbell, the black Sphynx cat model. This gorgeous girl is an extremely sweet-natured, affectionate cat, she loves the attention that people give her and will happily pose to have her photo taken. Tinkerbell has stunning big bright green eyes perfect for the camera.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Tinkerbell is an excellent cat to work with, she is very relaxed, easy-going and skilled. She loves people of all ages including children, meaning she is great at working with a range of model or actor strangers. Tinkerbell is also happy working with other animals for a variety of photography and film briefs, as she lives with a variety of other animals including a horse.

True to the breed Sphynx with her wrinkled appearance, Tinkerbell is a very playful and energetic cat. As Tinkerbell is able to walk on a lead, this means she is used to being in noisy and busy environments. Tinkerbell will also be able to easily travel to different locations, on or off set.

This Sphynx cat is great for any unusual briefs due to her striking image. Sphynx cats are also easy to train and highly intelligent, meaning Tinkerbell can be trained to do specific commands for certain roles if needed.


Walk on lead,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Works with props,
Nose touch,

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Sphynx cats are regularly used in fashion editorials due to their unique and mesmerising looks. They also tend to be used as the bad guy or his sidekick in movies, purely because they look grumpy. Therefore, making Tinkerbell great for these kinds of film or photography roles.

Overall, Tinkerbell makes for a perfect pet model with her range of skills and loving nature. She just loves the attention anyone will give her and is comfortable around new people who give her the slightest bit of fuss.

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