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Golden olden Persian, Sunny, has a stunning coat and a wonderful personality.  This experienced cat model is soft, gentle and eager to please on set. From the ‘Starry Eyed’ lineage, he is a well known sire among the cat world.  Because Sunny is so glamorous, it’s easy to see why luxurious brands wish to work with him in advertising campaigns.  With his gorgeous golden coat, Sunny is incredibly striking and is sure to make any brand stand out.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

A very placid cat, Sunny is calm and collected and follows instruction from his handler well.  He is motivated by cat toys and well as treats and so is very easy to work with.  Having grown up in a household with several other cats and kittens, Sunny is able to work with other felines.  He is sociable with humans of all ages.  Also happy travelling, Sunny is available for bookings all over the UK.

Persian cats have been called ‘the Bentleys of the cat world,’ and Sunny is no exception. Gentle, wise and reliable, he really is the perfect cat actor.


Lead trained
Placed in sit & stay

Cat Acting /Modelling Experience

Has modelled before, worked with Boden the British fashion retailer, as part of their Harry Potter collaboration. As part of his job role, Sunny was expected to work with children and be placed on props, sitting and staying; a task he completed beautifully.

Sunny suits a variety of cat modelling roles and is a perfect fit for brands that wish to evoke loving, friendly and gentle emotions. His exotic and elegant image is something that is adored by marketers who are aiming to heighten a product’s deluxe feel. Having already worked with fashion brands, Sunny is a cat that is really well suited to the style market.

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