Spud – Domestic Shorthair
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Meet Spud, a stunning, charming Domestic Short Haired. This handsome cat is perfect for a wide variety of modelling or acting roles and briefs because he has plenty of personality.

Spud has a wonderful sleek coat with two charming black markings on his nose and chin. He possesses a pair of vivid, expressive and captivating eyes making him a perfect cat model.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Spud shares his home and lives with many other cats. Since he comes from a large cat household, this means that he is very well socialised and will have no issues working with other cats whilst on set. He is an outgoing and playful kitten and isn’t shy around new people and because of this, Spud is able to work any models or actors of all ages.

This cat is confident and isn’t afraid of being in front of the camera, he loves to pose and really enjoys being in the spotlight. True to his breed, Spud is an outgoing, inquisitive, and talkative kitten. This Domestic Short Hair has a lot of energy and is always eager to learn more and please his handler.


Will respond to his name,
Can use a cat wheel,
Will happily pose,
Eat/drink in new environment,
Plays with flirt pole,
Travels well,
Show Cat,
Happy to be handled,
Happy to be groomed,

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Since Spud’s breed is popular in the world of modelling, acting and advertising, this means that he will be perfect for a variety of roles and briefs. His breed is perfect to promote lifestyle and domestic brands considering his breed is known as being the perfect family cat.

Household name brands will absolutely adore Spud because he is a relatable, family orientated moggy. In all, this Domestic Short Hair is a fantastic option to star in any advertising or marketing campaigns due to his distinctive features and handsome look.


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