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Spike was born on 19th April 2014. He is a very laid back cat, so much so that when his litter arrived, he decided to wait and was born 10 hours after his 2 sisters and brother!  He is a medium to large sized Bengal and is incredibly playful.  He is not quite as confident as his sister, Annie, but has an excellent temperament.

He is a Brown Rosetted Bengal and famed in the cat show world.  Being a show cat, he is used to travelling; he just stretches out in his carrier and sleeps most of the time – he has travelled all over the country to cat shows where he is now doing very well! Like all males, it took him a little while to mature but he has won Best in Show a few times and is quite highly titled in the cat show world.

He is an extremely agile cat, the most agile out of all 4 of our Bengals – he is the only cat who can jump over the ‘cat-proof’ fencing in our ‘secure’ cat garden! He is a big softie and a mummy’s boy and can be very easily bribed with Dreamies. He has a loud purr and uses it very often. A happy boy. He also has the most amazing aqua eyes and stunning rosettes.

Spike is an experienced cat model and has previously worked for Very.

Spike has over 100,000 likes on Facebook from around the world.

To book Spike for your next project, please contact paula@urbanpawsuk.com.

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