Sparrow – Domestic Short Hair
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Meet Sparrow, an intelligent and curious Domestic Short Hair.

True to his breed, Sparrow is very independent and friendly. He loves to roam around and explore his surroundings.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This handsome tabby short hair is very laid back and confident. He is comfortable around female cats and will happily work with him however he is not very keen around male cats.

Sparrow is also more than happy to be around children and new people of all ages. This means that he will be able to work with a variety of models or actors on set.

Because he’s such a good traveller, he’s able to work all over the UK in any location that you need for your media project.

He is a very fast learner and takes direction extremely well. Sparrow is able to do commands from a distance as he is clicker trained.


Meow on command,
Walk on lead,
Wears pet clothing and accessories,

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Sparrow has modelled in an advertisement for MBNA. This means that he has had experience being on set and will be comfortable with large crowds and lots of noise. Sparrow has recently modelled for Aldi for their cat auto-feeder and pet rug.

Since this breed are known for being family pets, Sparrow would be suitable for a variety of brands such as lifestyle, fashion or even outdoor brands.

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