Snowflake – Ragdoll
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Snowflake is an absolutely beautiful Ragdoll cat model and pet influencer. She is available for a number of projects including fashion editorial, brand awareness, social media campaigns and influencer marketing.

Snowflake has bright blue eyes which are a stark contrast against her light coat. She is an adventurous cat, who loves going on walks in the local area with her brother, Bleu.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This stunning cat model is trained in basic obedience, she sits well for the camera with no objections. Going out for walks regularly means Snowflake is used to new environments and people. She is a worry-free cat who enjoys new experiences.

With her beautiful look, Snowflake would suit a number of roles for product placement and high-end fashion shoots. She would add a lovely touch to any project.


Can work outside
Travels well

Pet Influencer

Both Snowflake and her brother Bleu combined have an impressive following on Instagram, they are a popular pet influencer with a following of over 100K. The photography on their page is beautiful, clean and always focused on the cats. It is the perfect platform to promote products and brands, resulting in excellent engagement rates.

Snowflakes page is suitable for most projects including brand awareness, lifestyle work, social media campaigns and influencer marketing.

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