Smokey – Russian Blue Cross
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Emerald green-eyed Smokey is an incredibly photogenic Russian Blue Cross who is happy wearing clothes and playing dress-up and is the perfect poser. Her stunning eyes and clouring are typical of her Russian Blue heritage.

Cat acting / Modelling Ability

Friendly Smokey is an experienced cat model and is perfect on set, being friendly with everyone she meets. She also has a big following on social media so she is a popular princess. Smokey is very happy to dress up which adds to her modelling potential.


Works with props,
Can be placed

Social Media Pet Influencer

Smokey is also a perfect social influencer as she has lots of followers, making her an ideal social media influencer for any marketing campaign. She has experience of working with products previously in this way. Her page features lots of pictures of Smokey taken both inside her home and outdoors.  Smokey has most recently worked with Harper Collins on an Instagram campaign for the release of the book, ‘Bodacious The Shepherd Cat.’

Cat acting / Modelling Experience

Smokey is an expert in posing for the camera and is also absolutely beautiful meaning she is always picture perfect. Smokin’ Hot Smokey also has modelling experience so she is accustomed to working in a professional environment and her social media presence is another additional string to her bow.

Her friendly nature means she is very easy to get along with. Smokey has a very classy and luxurious look so would be perfect for modelling high-end products including pet food. Her dark colouring also means she has a mystical look about her.



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