Simba – Domestic Long Hair
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Meet Simba, a beautiful domestic long hair tabby cat.  Simba is still in her very early years and although she was born on Halloween there is definitely nothing remotely scary about her. In fact, she is a super friendly and a gentle girl. As you can see from her pictures she is brimming with charm and character. She is very easy going with people of all ages and can strike quite the pose in front of a camera as demonstrated on her Instagram profile which is updated regularly and has a growing following. As Simba is a young cat she is continuing to learn and grow but she has all the playfulness and curiosity of a cat enjoying her early years and she has lots of potential.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Already progressing well with her training, Simba is harness trained and is showing an eagerness to learn. Simba behaves beautifully with her human companions and deals well with strangers.  She’s the perfect kitten model as she adapts well to new surroundings and new people and will continue to learn.


Harness trained

Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

As she is still young Simba is very playful so she would be an ideal model for pet toys with her youthful good looks and bundles of energy. Simba is a stunning and very photogenic cat. She also has a very relatable image as a domestic long hair which would also be ideal for promoting pet food brands for example.


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