Sid – British Short Hair
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Sid is a stunning British Short Hair cat model who is an excellent pick for multiple job roles.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Sid is a tabby British Short Hair show cat who has tabby markings which gives him his own unique charm. Paired with his handsome face and shiny coat, Sid is a cat that would be perfect for any job role.

While Sid is a characteristical relaxed cat, he is happy to pose for the camera and also has an incredibly kind temperament. This will be ideal on jobs and for different roles as he will be happy and content to stay still on set.

As a show cat, Sid has plenty of experience in a busy environment and therefore will be able to stay calm under pressure. He also will be used to travelling and being in multiple locations.

British Short Hair cats are incredibly popular breeds who are constantly featured on Tv shows, films and many advertisements. Sid would be the perfect fit for many different brands and would draw people in due to the breeds popularity.

Sid is not good with other male cats.


Placed in a sit
Happy to be handled

Cat Acting/Model Experience

Sid is a show cat who has been shown with TICA.

Despite being in competitions and shows, Sid has yet to experience being a pet model on a photoshoot set. He also has yet to experience being a cat actor on a Tv/Film shoot. However, he will be perfect for various brands and advertisements considering his personality and features.

We at Urban Paws believe that Sid would be the perfect pick for many different brands and campaigns. This is because he has the perfect features, charming face and an incredibly unique and interesting personality to promote multiple brands and various marketing campaigns.

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