Schiele – Birman
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Meet Schiele, a blue point Birman. This boy adores attention and is an absolute dream to interact with. He is a typical Birman is very relaxed and loves receiving attention.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Schiele is a lovely cat, he has a very calm nature. Posing for the camera comes naturally to Schiele, he will stare at it out of curiosity, leading to some beautiful images. He will do pretty much anything for a treat, so is very easy to handle in a studio environment.

As you can see from his images, Schiele has beautiful, bright blue eyes which will stand out with a lovely natural light on set. He will make your product, or campaign capture everyone’s eyes. He just so mesmerising to look at.

Schiele is used to travelling and is very calm in new environments. Following some acclimatisation time, he will work perfectly and up to your standards.


Travels well,
Prop placement,
Content in new environments,

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Schiele is a stunning boy, who poses perfectly. He is suitable for any stills photography, fashion editorial and more.

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