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Meet Sabre, the ultimate Maine Coon.  A fine example of his breed, Sabre is a bulletproof cat, calm and relaxed in any situation, making him perfect for all modelling and acting jobs.

Maine Coons are among the largest domesticated cats, and Sabre is no exception.  Check out the below picture with his human for a scale comparison.

A large Classic Red Tabby Maine Coon, he is of typical Maine Coon build with heavy boning which supports a very strong muscular body. He has a very thick heavy 2 layer semi-longhair coat with slight tabby markings. In the face, Sabre has a very wild look and in this, build and overall appearance he is in every way typical of Maine Coons found in the wild. He likes water and doesn’t mind being wet at all.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Sabre is a much-loved family pet and a real daddy’s boy, yet he shows compassion for all humans and particularly relates to people who are struggling physically or mentally.  Able to work well with adults and children alike, he is also happy to work with actors who are strangers to him.

Sabre is harness trained and is happy to sit and stay for photos so he makes the perfect kitty model.  He is also happy working with other cats, having grown up in a household with four other Maine Coons.


Harness and lead trained
Work outdoors

Cat acting / Modelling experience

A regular on the cat show circuit, Sabre shows with the GCCF and holds the title of ‘Imperial Grand Premier’.  He achieved this title at 15 months old, making him one of the youngest ever to achieve this level.

He has previous modelling experience, having recently worked with Iams to be the face of their new cat food.  Sabre has also done his fair share of acting work. At the beginning of 2018, he worked for Cartoon Network‘s Unikitty.  Here, he filmed in a room with 13 other cats and behaved impeccably.

A calm and well-natured kitty, Sabre makes the perfect on-set cat.



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