Rupert – British Short Hair
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Rupert is a British Short Hair cat model and pet actor who is the perfect pick for multiple different jobs in advertisement or brand campaigns.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Rupert is a stunning British Short Hair cat model who is a big cat that isn’t fond of being lifted but enjoys being petted. He is very playful, sociable and independent.

Rupert is not good at working with other male cats.

Rupert has a striking pair of amber eyes which contrast beautifully against his silky, short lilac coat. Although the British Blue is the most familiar colour, British Short Hair’s come in many other colours and patterns.

The British Short Hair are known for having a good-natured appearance and a relatively calm personality. This makes it a frequent breed that is featured in the media world. Therefore Rupert would be the perfect fit for any type of role considering he has the same characteristics as his breed.

Rupert’s distinct features would be extremely eye-catching in an advertisement or on a photoshoot considering this breed is very popular in modern media and culture.


Can be placed in a sit

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Rupert has been in shows for TICA.

Rupert has not had any experience at being a pet model on a shoot or being a pet actor and being on a Tv/Film shoot. However, we at Urban Paws believe that Rupert would be suitable for any role because of his calm nature.

He would also be suitable for roles as a pet model and a cat actor as he has a distinctive face and features. This would attract attention to whatever brand advertisement or marketing campaign that he has worked on.

Rupert would fit the role for any brand such as lifestyle brands, high end brands or even travel brands.

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