Rose – British Short Hair
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Rose, a beautiful lilac tabby British Short Hair, is a gorgeous little kitten that has soulful blue eyes.  Born in May 2018, she is a sweet kitten perfect for fashion and lifestyle photoshoots and emotive storylines. Her cute expressions really tug on your heartstrings!

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Rose is incredibly playful, even for a kitten, and has proved to be very responsive to training.  She’s alert and bright, yet still displays the calm nature that British Short Hairs are famous for.  This kitty is happy being handled, is good with children and happy to work with strangers.  Living in a household of 10 cats, she is more than comfortable working with other feline models and cat actors.  Please also check out her sister from the same litter, Lili.

Rose finds travelling easy and is used to noisy, busy environments.  This makes her the perfect on-set kitten as she is relaxed and easy to work with.



Pet Acting / Modelling Experience

This bundle of fluff makes a gorgeous cat model.  Rose is suitable for a wide variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.  She will suit brands that are going for the cute and fluffy kitten look or those that are looking for the feminine appeal.  As you can see from her pictures, she is experienced in a studio setting and has already worked on some Christmas advertising campaigns.

Rose is the perfect cat model for a large variety of roles.

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