Robbie – Domestic Short Hair
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Robbie is a beautiful ginger Domestic Short Hair. He is the head of his feline household with 4 naughty Bengals to keep an eye on!

When he was a young baby he moved in with his mum and dad, soon making friends with their black and white cat Harry. Sadly Harry later passed away. He fits in very well with his Bengal brothers and is picking up some naughty Bengal tricks. Who said you can’t teach an older cat new tricks? His favourite pastime is hanging out in the large field behind his human’s house. He is never far away and always comes back home when called.  After observing the Bengals, though, he now has decided he likes to jump on top of things such as kitchen cabinets and the conservatory roof. In the evening, he likes nothing better than to curl up on his mummy’s lap.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Robbie has experience with pet modelling so he would be well adapted and comfortable in this sort of environment.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Robbie, even though not a Bengal, shares his life with the little tigers and is one of the stars of Facebook page which has likes from around the world.



Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

He is an experienced cat model having filmed for a well known Pet Insurance company as well as filming for Tesco. Freddie’s other projects include the latest addition to the British film series Nativity and  PAWBO. He has performed well in all of his projects so far.


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