PJ – Domestic Short Hair
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Trained cat, PJ, is a highly skilled cat actor.  With stunning tabby and white markings, this domestic short hair is a beautiful cat model with expressive facial features.  Bold and beautiful, PJ’s stunning good looks make him the perfect cat model for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

PJ is a confident cat that is playful and cheeky.  Because he is so smart, he picks up training easily.  His clicker training keeps him focused and he loves to please his handler. This highly skilled cat is suitable for stills photography as well as filmed projects. With a wealth of experience, PJ is used to working in a variety of environments.  Also able to work outdoors, this cat is not fazed by new sights and sounds.

PJ lives with two other cats (CJ and TJ, also signed to Urban Paws UK) but is not suitable for working with cats from other households.  However, he is able to work with canine companions; he shares his home with seven dogs.


Go to mark,
Look to point,
Harness trained,
Buzzer run to cat box,
Can work with dogs,

Cat acting / Modelling experience

PJ is such a highly trained cat that he has already garnered a lot of experience in the cat acting world.  He has featured in stills photography shoots as well as having filmed for TV commercials.  His on-set experience is invaluable and stands him in good stead for more demanding cat acting roles.  His look is relatable to most UK cat households and therefore he is suitable for branding and advertising campaigns with home, family and lifestyle themes.  This trained cat is a pleasure to work with; producers and directors will not be disappointed!

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