Phantom – Maine Coon
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Phantom, a gorgeous light ginger Maine Coon with beautiful green eyes, is incredibly photogenic. He is proud of his impressive coat so really enjoys grooming to maintain the silkiness.  He is happy to receive attention and feels really great when supervising what his humans are up to!  In his spare time, this handsome boy loves to improve his hunting skills.  No toy mouse or feather things are safe in the place where he resides.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

The good-natured and affable Phantom adapts well to other people, pets, and places.  He’s happy to work with other cats as he already shares his home with Fury and Miggy who are also represented by Urban Paws UK. His affectionate nature really shines through when he interacts with humans; he’s great with kids and works well with actors. The sheer size and muscular strength of Phantom belie his gentleness.

Like many Maine Coons, Phantom is incredibly loyal to his human family, so follows instruction well. This is particularly important in a studio setting where often patience and tolerance are required.  These traits are something he has in abundance.



Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

Phantom is an experienced show cat and so is used to busy and noisy environments with a lot of people around him; in fact, he thrives in them. For this reason, he is great on film sets and in photography studios.

Happy to sit and pose quietly, Phantom is relaxed and calm in a studio setting; he loves to play up to the camera.  His golden locks with the white flecks, alongside his regal facial features, project a feeling of prestige.  This makes him perfect for high fashion, haute couture, designer labels, prestigious brands and glamorous advertising projects. He can really elevate your brand message.


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