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Urban Paws UK Animal Talent and Casting Agency introduce Pete the Russian Blue cat model. He is ideal for a variety of pet acting roles. This stunning cat would really shine in editorial fashion shoots due to his striking looks but equally, due to his temperament, he would also work very well in a lifestyle shoot as this cat actor is good with dogs.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Pete is one sociable cat!  He is both an indoor and outdoor cat, which keeps him athletic looking and trim. Russian Blues are often referred to as grey cats and their thick dense coats make them look a fair bit bigger than they are.

This sociable boy is very used to other dogs as he lives with a young pup and an adult dog. He is very cuddly cat and will lay in his owner’s arms like a baby.

Loving the camera, Pete is a natural when it comes to posing for the cameras he has very expressive eyes and isn’t afraid to make himself heard and swish his tail!

Despite being a very playful cat, he is also very chilled out.  This is an asset in an on set environment.

He loves getting visitors to the house and has met other cats when out and about. Pete also loves children also as long as they are well behaved and gentle.


Drink at a tap
Stand on back legs to beg for treats
Lie on his back and is happy to lay there

Social Media Pet Influencer

Micro influencer, Pete, has a loyal following on Instagram.  His engagement levels are high and he has a good ‘likes’ and comments ratio for his follower level.  Because Pete’s followers are mainly UK based, he is very appealing to UK based brands that are looking from the kind of sass you get from a Russian Blue.  The photography on his page is cute, cuddly and homely, so even though he’s seen as a ‘posh pedigree’, he’s appealing to lifestyle and family brands.

Pet Acting / Modelling Experience

Pete used to compete in cat shows, so has been in busy environments with lots of people and cats. This relaxed cat even won a cup once at a show for being the most chilled out at the show.  He has worked on set for Furniture Village as part of their latest marketing campaign and was highly praised for his work.

Pete has modelled for Aldi‘s cat products on several occasions and has performed well on set.  He’s modelled a variety of products including cat beds and cat toys.

In all, this cat is ideal for brands wanting that real luxury feel to their products and want to work with a sociable, laid back cat.



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