Pepper – British shorthair
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Here we have the beautiful and fun-loving Pepper, a British Shorthair. This lovely boy lives with two other cats at home, and is spoilt by his owner! He has a lovely nature and is very laid back. Pepper is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Pet Acting Acting/Modelling Ability

Pepper is a dream to work with. He is well used to sitting and posing for the camera, he also travels regularly so this is really no bother to him. As with all our cat models, Pepper requires some acclimatisation time whilst he adjusts to his new surroundings, fear not, as this doesn’t take long with Pepper.

Being an experienced model, we have no doubts that Pepper will easily meet your needs and provide an excellent end result.


Travels well
Happy to work with children
Happy to work with other animals within reason

Pet Influencer

Pepper and his cat siblings are also one of our amazing pet influencers. They are considered a macro influencer due to their following and have a beautiful social media, the images are stunning! Pet influencers are fast becoming one of the more popular ways of advertising your product. Depending on what outcome you want, we can work with you to get your product out there.

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Pepper is an experienced model in many ways. His main way is through is social media page, with his stunning images from his adventures at home. With this, he has worked with Harper Collins talking about the book; Bodacious the Shepherd cat, and he has also worked with CIF as part of the Unilever Group for Cleanipedia . Both of these jobs prove to be successful following the interaction and reach statistics.

Pepper also has worked on set with Dyson, not just once, but three times! They loved him that much. He is an excellent cat to work with and will not disappoint.

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