Pebbles – Maine Coon
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Here we have Pebbles, a beautiful cream coloured Maine Coon with a loving nature. With her being a young lady she is still crazy about her toys, and will happily play with pretty much anything given to her!

She is the perfect model as she is such a stunning colour and how beautiful her eyes are. As mentioned, she is indeed very playful, but she is such a well behaved girl and easily placed for stills. She will do anything she can to get a treat too, which is always a bonus!


Enjoys interacting with people
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Travels well

Maine Coon in media

Maine coons are a wonderful cat to work with, as you may have noticed we have quite the selection here at Urban Paws UK, we are definitely a fan of this beautiful breed! We have had plenty of jobs for this breed, including Iams and Unikitty.

Maine Coons tend to respond well to direction and training so are an ideal breed to have on set, and will definitely give 110% for every project that challenges them.

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