Pawsha – British Short Hair
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Meet our fabulous and rare Black British Short Hair Pawsha with the striking amber eyes. She is very attentive and intelligent with a very playful nature. Still a young cat, adventurous Pawsha is curious and loves to study her surroundings.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Pawsha has a striking look with her contrasting amber eyes and jet black fur. She is also a popular cat with a healthy social media following so she is more than used to posing for the camera.



Social Media Pet Influencer

This British Short Hair has a strong following on Twitter with a healthy amount of followers.  She’s even had a couple of tweets go viral! Her Twitter also features lots of her cat companion Clawdia.

Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

Pawsha shares her home with another British Short Hair called Clawdia, who is also signed to Urban Paws UK. We love their feline-themed names and the pair are the best of feline friends. Because she shares her home with her feline sister Pawsha is used to being around other cats so she would be able to work with them. Her mysterious and spiritual look would be great for a variety of work opportunities.

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