Owl – Persian
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Owl is a beautiful Persian cat model who is an excellent pick for multiple pet model roles. This is because she is well behaved/mannered and is incredibly calm.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Owl is a stunning Persian cat model who has distinctive features and a loveable personality. She is a small cat who is happy to be handled and is very well socialised. Owl also is great at travelling.

She is also very good with both kids and people which means she can work on set with people of all ages. However Owl will growl at other cats who she has not met.

The Persian breed includes physical features such as: a long and luxurious coat which comes in a variety of colours, a small and unique face with big round eyes. Owl has all of these features as well as a charming and peaceful personality.

The Persian cat has been a popular pet since late 1800s and its popularity remains high today. Since the demand for Persian cats is high, Owl could be the perfect fit to advertise a brand or product due to her distinctive face and popular breed.


Happy to be handled
Good at travelling

Cat Acting/Model Experience

Owl is a show cat who has been shown in TICA.

Despite being in shows and competitions, Owl has yet to experience being a pet model and being on set as a cat actor. Even though she hasn’t had experience in these areas, Owl is still the perfect pick for a shoot with a wide range of different and varied brands considering she is elegant and beautiful.

She is also an eye catching cat and will be a unique face for any marketing campaigns, Tv/Film shoots or lifestyle/fashion brands photography. Therefore she is the perfect cat model to hire.

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