North – British Short Hair
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Meet North, a stunning, male British Short Hair.  North is a black-silver shaded ticked tabby colourpoint. He has a dominant silver agouti gene which means that his points (ears, face) are silver and he has blue eyes.

With his bright lagoon-like eyes and striking fur markings, particularly down his tail, you can see why North is already a huge hit in the media world.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

A promising show cat, he is registered with the Worldwide Cat Federation (WCF) and The International Cat Association (TICA).  He has won many awards to date and we’re sure he will continue to do so. With his experience, North is not fazed by a large number of people in a room and is used to working in a noisy environment.  Renowned for his calm and friendly personality, North is great around strangers.

Born in Rybinsk (Asian Russia), he has a full pet passport.  This enables North to work around the world and he is happy travelling.  Living at home with several other cats and has worked, modelled and shown amongst hundreds of felines. North is also well socialised with other cats.  He is happy to work in most environments, even outside.

Social Influencer

North accompanies his friends and housemates on a shared Facebook page, which has a very sizable following. The pictures and regular posts on the page are engaging and fun.  This makes it the perfect Facebook page for product placements, branding and social influencer posts.



Cat acting / Modelling experience

Because North, like many British Short Hair cats, is an incredibly relaxed cat, he is wonderful on set and a dream to work with.  Used to being handled, having worked in the show industry since being a kitten, North is also happy in busy, noisy environments.

The unique markings make North a stunning, unique looking cat.  His crisp-white fur and striking blue eyes attract a lot of attention.  The eyes are soulful and attention-grabbing, bringing focus to any marketing or branding campaign.

North is suitable for classy and elegant photoshoots where a cat is required to show off the finer things in life.  He looks great in lifestyle and fashion photography. Due to this, North is a lovely cat to work with on any project.


North at 6 months:

North as a kitten:

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