Ninja – Sphynx
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Introducing the dapper Ninja, a stunning blue coloured Sphynx. With a fun and quirky personality, this guy is sure to impress everyone he meets. Ninja lives with two other cats, Pepper & Cosmo, all three of the boys live the life of luxury with their owner.

Pet Acting Acting/Modelling Ability

Ninja is an excellent cat to work with, he is very relaxed and easy-going. Ninja regularly goes out exploring with the safety of a lead & harness, so is well used to new and busy environments, he loves his adventures. As he lives with other cats and goes out so much Ninja is happy to meet new animals and will work with them upon an introduction.


Travels well,
Harness trained,

Pet Influencer

Ninja and his cat siblings are also one of our amazing pet influencers. They are considered a macro influencer due to their following and have a beautiful social media, the images are stunning! Pet influencers are fast becoming one of the more popular ways of advertising your product. Depending on what outcome you want, we can work with you to get your product out there.

Campaign Experience

Ninja has worked with multiple brands on his social media, with his stunning images from his adventures at home. He has worked with Harper Collins talking about the book; Bodacious the Shepherd cat, and he has also worked with Unilever, for Cleanipedia as well as HiLife pet food. Both of these jobs prove to be successful following the interaction and reach statistics.

He has also worked on Tik Tok with great success.

Ninja is an excellent example of the Sphynx breed, as he is so outgoing and more dog-like in his personality. He would be perfect on set and your crew will love working with him.

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