Moes – British Shorthair
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Meet Moes, the stunning British Shorthair cat model. She is very elegant and gentle. Moes has a stunning lilac coat colouring with bright orange eyes.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability 

Along with her British Shorthair twin brother Mattie, they are more than happy working together on projects and they will make for excellent cat talents for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns with they shy but curious nature. Once Moes starts exploring, Mattie is right along side her.

Pet Influencer 

As macro-influencers, Moes and Mattie are incredibly popular on Instagram with an organic following based in the UK and US,  with a highly coveted audience aged between 25-34.

Their high-quality photography and unique brand aesthetic make them particularly influential when it comes to lifestyle, home life and family brands.  Their striking appearance also makes them suitable for high fashion shoots and stylised products.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Both Moes and Mattie have featured in the Cat Love exhibit.  They have worked with many brands previously such as: Essence PR,, MyMajesticPet, Crown & Paw, West & Willow, Printimals, Honey Guaridan, Gus & Bella, Penguin Books, Case App, Edgard & Cooper, Blink!, Meowingtons, De Kunsthal, KEK Amsterdam, Krabhuis, Kattenfort, Live Love Polish, MyKotty, Printsfield.


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