Lola – Ragdoll
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Lola (or Miss Princess Lola as she is better known) is a blue mitted ragdoll cat born in 2015 and the best way to summarise her is with the word ‘princess’. She is very majestic and is very much like ‘Marie’ (the little white cat with the pink bow) from the Aristocats. A very outgoing cat, Lola has such a friendly temperament and loves to meet new people. Because she has such a striking look, she’s an in-demand cat model.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Happy working with adults and children alike, Lola can happily work alongside humans she has never met before. As she is used to being outdoors, her recall is good and she is happy with unfamiliar surroundings, making her the perfect on-site cat for larger media projects.  Loving the camera, she works just as well in the studio and is happy to sit and pose for pictures.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Lola is a social media influencer star and loves sharing her daily adventures and favourite products with her fans.  Lola has a rapidly growing social media fan base. She loves the camera and is very easy to photograph and has already amassed a high number of followers. She is great for headshots as her most striking feature are her piercing blue eyes that really capture the imagination.


Harness / Lead trained

Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

Lola won the Instagram cat modelling competition for Royal Canin and has also worked with Vetoquinol UK, PurrfectBox, Petsmile, Tribal Produce, Pure, and Petwant so has a wide variety of experience both on set and with social media influencing. As Lola can work outside because of her excellent recall, demand for her is high. She has worked on a variety of pet product brands and lifestyle brands as her beautiful fur and stunning blue eyes bring a real class to imagery.

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