Millie & Minnie – Domestic Short Hair
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Millie and Minnie, two domestic short hair tuxedo cats, are a fabulous duo of cat models.  This pair of cat models belong to a household of black and white animals including bunnies and a dog.  Domestic short hair cats are well loved in the media because they are a familiar looking pet that large audiences can relate to.  Both Millie and Minnie fit that brief with their stunning good looks.


A cheerfully lazy cat, Millie will snooze all day and anywhere!  Very calm in nature, she is unfazed by other animals, children and new environments.  Because she is quite playful, she responds well to treats, especially smoked salmon.  The more vocal of the duo, she’ll always be ready with her ‘meow!’


Minnie, the smallest of the 2 sisters, can also be identified by the black beauty spot on her chin.  By far the most adventurous when it comes to exploring outdoors, her pet tracker has shown her exploring quite a distance, but always coming back for some food!  Slightly timider than her sister, she is still generally outgoing.  She loves to play with cat toys and likes to chase feet under a duvet cover!  Not a complete lap-cat, yet once settled, she enjoys a cuddle & stroke.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Both Millie and Minnie are highly socialised.  They interact really well with children which makes them perfect for briefs where kids are involved.  Each of the cats are happy to wear a collar and are familiar with wearing a pet tracker.

Absolutely fine with travel (by car or public transport) Millie and Minnie are also well natured in the veterinary environment which makes them perfect for photoshoots in that environment.

The pair share their home with a dog and two bunnies so are more than capable of interacting with other species.  It’s quite incredible that they defy nature’s food chain and are happy snuggling and interacting with both rabbits and a dog (who are all black and white)!


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Cat Modelling/Acting Experience

Millie and Minnie have worked in a photography studio in the past and are happy in a photography studio environment.  They have also featured in social media promotions for Larkmead Vets where they sat happily alongside their cohabiting bunnies.  The two can work alone or as a pair.


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